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Time to get up!

AlarmDroid is a feature-rich alarm clock application for Android

AlarmDroid's special feature is called flip'n'snooze: simply turn over your phone to get into snooze mode, without the need to seek the snooze button on the screen. Other features are the speaking clock that can tell you the time, the day, and even the weather. Or the possibility to use internet radio streams.

Go Pro!

Developing Android apps and supporting it is a time-consuming job. AlarmDroid is therefore supported by in-app advertisement banners.

If you want to enjoy the app free of ads, you can either get the AlarmDroid Pro extension on Google Play, or send what you think it is worth via Paypal to get an unlock code by email.

Get Support

For support, please see the question and answers in the AlarmDroid Google forum. If your question is not yet answered, please post your question at that place, it may be of interest also to other users.

If you prefer direct email contact, for example for purchase-related issues, contact or click the button below.


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